Some tips for choosing a laser machine–A

Drafted by Nei Chen: xintian

You may come to a point where you make up your mind on buying a laser marking machine. At this point, you may find yourself drawn in an unwanted circumstance where you see literally hundreds of sellers and dealers who are claiming to sell the best product. To make the matters worse, every single seller can show you the testimonials and reviews that may tempt you.

Given the numerous types of lasers and the materials involved, picking the best laser machine can pose to be a challenging task. Having an understanding of the laser characteristics and the material properties can be essential in making an optimal choice. Below is a short description and guide on how to choose the best laser marking machine.

  1. Right now in the market, so called diode laser, YAG are our of the stage, with best performance of fiber laser, the laser machine world is becoming more peaceful. For marking or engraving on your metak and some certain plastics, fiber laser become your first choice. However, like wood, acylic, glass etc, co2 laser is still there. As a professioanl and experienced manufacturer of fiber laser machine, we shall focus on this part.

2. Make a choice on the type of machine.  

There a too many different types, but normally, mini type and desktop type. The main part are the same, however, they take different size of places and the delivery cost varies a lot if you are eager to see your machine. For a shop owner, you will not allow a big size to take over lot of your valueable space, however, for a factory, what be conidered is that desktop can diperse better than mini type in a bad environment. 

3. About the laser power

Right now in the market, there are 20w/30w/50w and 100w small power laser source. And choosing which type depends on the work you need to do.

A. Marking effect. Just need to write something on your materials, 20w is quite enough. However, if you want some depth, larger power can give you more efficiency.

B. How large area you need to finish in one time. Normally, 200*200mm is biggest for 20w and 300*300mm for 30w, otherwise, the laser will be too weak to finish your work.

4. The first issue is Support.

There are a lot of cheap imports, mostly from China, on the market. But lasers are complicated machines and they do break and need to be repaired. Make sure the company you buy from is reliable and offers good support for you and their machine after you buy it.

Here are some questions to think about:

How hard or easy is it to get replacement parts?

Do they have tech support?

How easy is it to get a question answered?

Do they have a good website?

Are there tutorials on how to use and/or fix the machine?

Can it be upgraded?

Well, I’m qute sure customers’ feedback can illustrate everything.