33.some common malfunctions of Raycus laser source-Ella

When use laser cutting machine,customers will face many problems about laser source.

So we made a summary of common malfunction about laser source for reference.

1.Laser source alarming:

Laser source will malfunction when the internal temperature of the laser is abnormal,

the output power is abnormal, the INETRLOCK is turned off, and the power supply is abnormal.

The ALARM warning light (yellow) on the front panel of laser illuminates and the laser stops emitting light and locks.

At the same time, the HyperTerminal window will also display the faults that have occurred.

The laser source fault descriptions and possible solutions are as follows:


1)Fault description:

Temperature failure occurs when the sensor inside the laser detects an abnormal temperature inside the laser.

There are 4 temperature monitoring points, namely T1~T4.

A high temperature fault occurs when the temperature of the monitoring point exceeds the set upper limit,

and a low temperature fault occurs when the set lower limit is exceed.


Possible solutions:

In the case of a high temperature fault, check whether the water cooling system is normally turn on,

whether the water temperature setting is correct, whether the water cooler is working properly,

and whether the water connection is abnormal.

When water cooling system is working normally and water temperature drops below 30 °C, restart the laser to try.

If the fault continues to occur, please contact Ruike. For machines with jumper (QBH) temperature monitoring,

consideration should also be given to whether the QBH output head is laser processed or if there is a problem with the

processing head.

In the event of a low temperature failure, check if the actual water temperature of the water cooler is too low.

In addition, too low ambient temperature may cause a low temperature alarm when the laser cold state is activated.

If there is any of the above, wait until the water temperature of the water cooler rises above 10 °C,

and then restart the laser to try. If the fault continues to occur, please contact Raycus.


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