Solve the fiber laser cutting focus error:Charry

Solve the fiber laser cutting focus error

Solve the fiber laser cutting focus error.

Why is there an error?

Firstly, the geometric error of the workpiece

The object of laser cutting is sheet metal or cover type parts. Due to various reasons, the surface of the processing object has undulations, and the influence of the thermal effect during the cutting process will also cause surface deformation of the thin plate parts. For 1D laser processing, The cover also produces surface irregularities during the press forming process, all of which produce random variations in the position of the laser focus and the surface of the object real position and the ideal position.

Secondly. Errors caused by the workpiece clamping device

The laser-cut workpiece is placed on the needle-shaped table. Due to machining errors, wear between the workpiece and the wear of the laser for a long time, and the laser burn, the needle bed will be uneven. This unevenness will also result in the thin steel plate and the laser focus. Random error between locations.

Thirdly, programming error

In the laser cutting process, the machining trajectory on the complex surface is fitted by straight lines, arcs, etc. There is a certain error between these fitting curves and the actual curves. These errors make the relative position of the actual focus and the surface of the processing object and ideal programming. The position produces some error, and some teaching programming systems also have some deviations.

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