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Solution of choosing a suitable fiber laser cutter

We can received many inquiries form all over the world about the fiber laser cutting machine.Most of them never used this kind of machine before.But they have plan to invest a fiber laser cutting machine.But they don’t know how to choose a suitable model and power.So this article is about the solution of choosing a suitable fiber laser cutter.

Firstly,tell us your detailed cutting demands,including the material and thickness.

For example,here is your cutting demands.
1.max cut 12mm CS,6mm SS;

(If you also need to cut tube,pls tell us the tube material,size,shape ect.)

About the laser power

For you demands,2kw will be better.If you think it is a little over your budget,you can also consider 1500w.
But its cutting effect and speed is not good to cut 12mm CS and 6mm SS.Here is the cutting ability for your reference.

1500w 2000w
Optimal cutting thickness 1-10mm CS
1-5mm SS
1-14mm CS
1-6mm SS

Then we suggest you can choose 2kw fiber laser cutter.On one hand,its cutting speed and cutting effect will be better.
On the other hand,it can cut thicker metal plate for further using.

Secondly,choose the suitable machine model.

Machine model

We have open type and enclosed type model. The open type is cheaper and it can save some space.While the full enclosed type is more safer but the shipping cost is expensive.

Open model

Influence of unstable air pressure on cutting effect of laser cutting machine
Full enclosed model
Thirdly,your budget.
Pls tell us your budget then we can recommend you the suitable machine.Because except for the machine cost.You also need to consider the shipping cost and tariff.
Could you tell us your nearest seaport?Then we can calculate the shipping cost for you.

The machine HS code is 845611.You can check the tariff with it.We googled it is only 25% CIF VAT.You can confirm it again.

Fourthly,the delivery time.
Gernerally speaking, the delivery time of open type is shorter than full enclosed type.Because the production process of full enclosed model is more complex.
.Delivery time
Open type need about 30-35days to finish the machine after receiving your deposit.While full enclosed model need about 45 working days.

Wish for your kindly reply then we can send you a detailed quotation list.Or could you tell us your whatsapp or phone number
then we can talk online.

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