XT Laser fiber laser cutting machine service-1-Tulsa

XT Laser fiber laser cutting machine service-1-Tulsa

XT LASER. always put customers at the first place, to provide best service.

For example complete installation, commissioning, training, maintenance, pre-sales ,after-sales service for your company.

So let me introduce XT Laser fiber laser cutting machine service to you.

  1. Pre-sale XT Laser fiber laser cutting machine service
    Before signing a contract, our company provides customers a variety of suggestion.  For example production technology supportion, technical suppot and suggestions, sample specimens, equipment selection, and quotation etc. All aspect of consulting and services we will serviveto clients.
    We sincerely welcome customers visit company,products and factory. And we provide customers reception staff, transportation machine details and other facilities.
  2. Sale of XT Laser fiber laser cutting machine service

Based on the contract, we delivery laser machine to customers place safely within specified time.

Besides we can send engineer to user place teach them how to operate machine professional.

Under the basic conditions of installation machine, engineer will complete the installation and commissioning machine within 1-2 days.

In order to the user, ensure neat, clean and orderly.

Besides we provide technical training. After installation and commissioning completed, we offer engineer service at least 5 days.

And engineer will at buyer place or seller factory until operator can operate machine perfect. For example, training as follows:

  • Traning operating instruction of turning on and off machine;
  • Meaning  panel and control parameters,
  • Training parameter selection range;
  • Training control software operation ;
  • Basic maintenance and cleaning of the machine;
  • Dealing with common hardware problem;
  • Noted question in operating ;
  • And we also provide users technical support relate their produce products.

Installation and commissioning cost, technician’s tickets all cost mentioned need to negotiated.

Quality Guarantee XT Laser fiber laser cutting machine service

As you know,we guarantee the quality warranty of machine.



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