Service warranty in galvanized sheet laser cutting machine – Jennifer

After buying the galvanized sheet  laser  cutting  machine,  the most important aspect is service. Customer cares for this point mostly. Without strong warranty, then how can they guarantee the service and quality? Especially in the overseas market. So today, we are going to share some tips about the warranty service. In the fiber laser metal sheet cutting machinery using process.

 Warranty & Service Training Details in galvanized sheet  laser  cutting  machine

a. Warranty time: 3 year warranty (Except the consumables)

– The first 3 years, we offer the free maintenance for the whole machine except the man made factors damage. During the first 3 years, we undertake the shipping cost.

b. Service Training Details

– Our engineer can be the clients’ factory for installation and training service for free (4-7 days).
But the round tickets fees & lodging fees needs to be undertaken by buyer.

– Buyer can send the engineer to our factory directly, and buyer should pay the related cost in galvanized sheet  laser  cutting  machine.