Service and quality,what is important for you:Charry

Service and quality,what is important for you

Service and quality,what is important for you.

Service and quality,what is important for you

Actually,as a buyer,all of us is the same.We need to think what we should focus on,and what is better for us,what is suitable for us.

I am a directly girl,i like shopping very much,every day i spent money on goods,cloth,shoes,skin care products,phone,computer,etc.

And now,i am planning to buy one car,i am thinking about the quality and service,also price.

So when you buy fiber laser cutting machine,also the same.

Firstly,you buy one machine is to do your work,to improve the working efficiency,to save time,to save cost.Right?

So the quality is the first factor.How to check the quality?

1.To check their website,if the website shows many other machines,like CO2 machine,like bending machine,like shearing machine,CNC machine.

That means they didn’t start fiber laser machine from the company beginning,or means they produce other machines,but take fiber laser machine from other manufacturer.If not from the beginning to make fiber laser machine,then the profession need to be considered.And in China market,there are so many suppliers have fiber laser machines,but many suppliers just want to earn money from this market,from you.Then you can pass these suppliers.

2.To check they are trading company or not.

Also can get the result from the website,for trading company,their machine pictures will be the same as some manufacturers,just different logos.Or just have machine pictures,no other details,no videos,no technical parameters,or no real factory picture,etc.

Why it is not good to buy from trading company? Cause they are not the manufacturer,then they can not provide you the correct cutting parameters even the correct solution,even no engineers training in your factory,so how do you use the machine?Just put the machine in factory?

And when you have machine questions,you contact them,then they need to contact manufacturer,and get feedback,then tell you how to solve it.

Time is wasting~~~

Next blog,will share something about service with you.Hope it will help you.