How to Select a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal-Sandra

 How to Select a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metal?

Fiber laser cutting machine is becoming  increasingly popular. And purchasing a fiber laser marking machine is never a simple thing. No matter whether you buy it from local suppliers or overseas suppliers. Because it concerns the return your investment will achieve and the benefits your business will receive. And metal industry now has sprung up like mushrooms due to the high demand for metallic products and high precision equipment, such as elevators, metal advertising signage and metal cabinets. The rapid development period in which metal cutting machines demanding accordingly. If you chance to start up your metal cutting business with a metal cutter, then you really need to think about which kind of machine is the best deal.Before buying a fiber laser cutting machine, there are some things that you should be considered to gain the maximum vale from your investment.


You should decide whether your materials involve steel tubes, for which we could configure an extra fiber laser tube cutting device for the laser equipment. Also, if your materials contain highly reflective metals, such as silver, aluminum, red copper, etc, we would recommend you nLIGHT laser source which is perfectly suitable for reflective materials processing.

Materials Size

Material size is also key to the fiber laser cutting machine selection.  You should take a careful measurement on them and then decide the size of work table or the lathe of fiber laser cutter.

Cutting Thickness

In order to achieve perfect cutting effect and work efficiency. You need match the thickness of material with the wattage of fiber laser cutting machine. Also productivity per day will help you choose the most productive wattage. It has direct influence on cutting speed. Still, please note that different metals that have the same thickness require different wattage.