Relationship between laser cutting machine and daily life-Luis

Not engage in with the production and processing of the person concern may rarely come into contact with laser equipment, in fact.  machining, laser equipment are and our way of life is closely relate to. Such as mobile phone shell text, logo, computer keyboard characters, metal sculpture, automotive parts cutting welding, aerospace manufacturing. High iron production, aircraft manufacturing, etc. Are and processing relate, it can say, equipment deep into life. It can not only help you make money, and able to feed tens of thousands of employees, improve the quality of life.

Laser equipment to improve the quality of daily life

Daily life: electromagnetic oven, TV, computers, refrigerators. Washing machines and other household appliances, kitchen, frying pan, bottles and other tools. These things on the brand logo, text description, performance, bar code, such as. Now almost all laser hit marking machine playing up. marking both beautiful and not easy to  before traditional printing ink or paper paste label already out of date.

Laser equipment to change the way people travel

Human history of thousands of years of history tells us that human beings from the limbs to walk to walk upright. And then to travel to travel, to prove that science and technology has been promoting the development of human civilization. We usually see the car, train, subway, high-speed rail, ships, aircraft, and even spacecraft are inseparable from the equipment. In manufacturing need laser marking machine marking parts. Because coding, text and other, need cutting machine frame, steel plate, glass, doors, plastic and other. Requiring welding machine welding frame, windows and doors, engine, a cylinder, a sensor. 3D laser precision measuring machine for measuring the engine, the size of the components.