Raytools laser cutting head using problems summary-Ella

Raytools laser cutting head and protective lens using problems summary

We can not adjust the focus dial:

1. The focus adjustment stroke is exceed during the focusing process.

2. The damage of the sealing ring on the protecting lens holder,

causes the auxiliary gas to enter between the focusing module and the protective lens.

Troubleshooting plan:

1. Check if the focus range has been exceed.

If the focus is out of range, loosen the locking screw on the left side of the cutting head with the signal amplifier position,

and then try to adjust and retighten the screw.

2. Check if the sealing ring with the steel ring under the protective lens is broken.

If yes, replace the sealing ring.

Is the nozzle temperature too high during processing?

1. Centering offset.

2. Protect lens pollution.

3. Concentrated lens or collimated lens contamination.

4. Fiber optic pollution.

Troubleshooting plan

1. Check if the alignment is offset. If there is an offset, adjust it.

2. take out the protective lens inspection,

pay attention to protect the lens holder after removal must use the mask paper to seal the cutting head leak position,

should not take out the protective mirror holder and then blow.

If the protective lens is dirty,we need to clean it.

3. Check the optical lens inside the cutting head.

Lift the cutting head to the highest position, open the red light, unscrew the nozzle,

place a piece of white paper in the range of 20-40mm at the lower end of the ceramic body,

and move up and down to observe the uniformity distribution of red light.

When observing red light, try to block the red light around,

to ensure a certain contrast, and to observe more clearly. If there are obvious black spots,

it can be judge that the internal focusing or collimating lens or the end face of the fiber is dirty.

This needs to be contacted by the after-sales service engineer for guidance.

Do not disassemble the laser head without further use, so as not to cause more damage.