The several advantages of the Raycus laser source—-Wendy

The advantage of the Raycus laser source

Raycus laser source have the following advantages:

1.Whole industry chain integration:

Self-developed and self-produced important parts.In short,There only two companies in the world.They realize the whole industry chain integration.

2.Standard protection window:

Raycus lasers equippes with QBH quartz crystal protection windows as standard. Because the domestic production environment is relatively rough.

There is a high probability.And if there is no protection window will pollute the transmission fiber head.

And cause burnout accidents during assembly and after-sales maintenance.

Expect imported brand transmission.The optical fiber also does not have any warranty, and the replacement price is tens of thousands.

Raycus comes standard with protection windows and provides free replacement services for the first pollution and burnt protection windows.

3.2-year warranty:

Raycus reserves redundant power in the laser to guarantee

Any attenuation of the laser during the year can restore to the factory state.

(Once the power drops by more than 3% in the current year.And it is deemed not to be attenuation of the laser.And It is a laser failure, and belongs to the scope of after-sales maintenance.)

4.On-site maintenance of the whole machine:

Raycus has on-site maintenance capabilities for the whole machine, including transmission fibers, optical modules, and combiners, etc.

5.Return to the factory to provide a spare machine:

In case of force majeure, it also needs to returned to the factory for repair.

Of course,Raycus provides spare machine or replacement service.

And the after-sales policy of the replacement machine is the same as the original machine.

Raycus manufacturers provide a flexible return-to-factory maintenance policy.

So that ensure the continuity of processing and provide the fastest machine recovery timeliness in the industry.


Hope this article can help you know the Raycus laser source.And if you want to know more about our machine,feel free to contact us.