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How to protect your fiber laser cutting machine in cold winter?

From October, cold weather is coming. How to protect your fiber laser cutting machine in cold winter is a big questions for customers. Cold weather for the use of laser cutting equipment will cause great harm. We must pay attention to the anti freezing winter of laser cutting equipment. You can check details below.

  1. Temperature

(1) Ensure the working environment temperature above zero, improve the workshop heating. In the case of no blackout, the water chiller should not be closed at night, while the energy saving, low temperature and normal water temperature should be adjusted to 5~10 degrees centigrade to ensure that the cooling water is in a state of circulation and the temperature is not below freezing point.
(2) Although the impact of temperature on the laser cutting machine is not particularly large, but because many users will add grease to the wire, the winter will definitely forget to clean, resulting in every boot will not move. It’s very cold in the north, and the temperature in the studio is very low. Even if you add the oil, the machine doesn’t work. At this point, we need to guarantee the temperature in the working room and reach the lowest temperature of the refueling standard.

 2. Cooling water

(1) For continuous running cold water chillers, the water will not freeze in the case of flow.
(2) Due to the need to replace the daily cooling water in summer, so as not to exceed the prescribed temperature, in cold winter, many users will ignore this point, think the weather is cold, water temperature will not increase much. So many users often forget to change water, especially in winter, because the outside temperature is very low, spindle motor fever is difficult to feel out. Therefore, we particularly remind users that cooling water is a necessary condition for the spindle motor to work normally. If the cooling water is too dirty, it will cause serious damage to the motor, and ensure the cooling water cleaning and the normal operation of the pump.


Very important for concerning:

If the light laser equipment is not used for a long time or in the case of power failure, we must empty the water in the cold box.

3. Antifreeze

Add antifreeze to the cooling system in proportion to minimize unnecessary losses!

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