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Prospect of welding automation technology

The development of electronic technology, computer microelectronic housing and automation technology  promote the development of welding automation technology. In particular, the introduction of unit technologies such as numerical control technology, flexible manufacturing technology and information processing technology has promoted the revolutionary development of welding automation technology.

(1) The intelligence of the welding process control system is one of the core problems of welding automation, and it is also an important direction for our future research. We should carry out research on the best control methods, including linear and various nonlinear controls. The most representative ones are the fuzzy control, neural network control of the welding process, and the study of expert systems.

(2) Welding flexibility technology is also the content of our research. In future research, we will organically combine various optical, mechanical, and electrical technologies with welding technologies to achieve precise and flexible welding. The use of microelectronic technology to transform traditional welding process equipment is the fundamental way to improve the level of welding automation. It is our current research direction to equip numerical control technology with various welding machinery and equipment to improve its level of flexibility; in addition, the combination of welding robot and expert system can realize automatic path planning, automatic correction of trajectory, automatic control of penetration, etc. Function is the focus of our research.

(3) The integration of welding control system is the integration of people and technology and the integration of welding technology and information technology. The information flow and material flow in the integrated system are important components. Promoting their organic integration can greatly reduce the amount of information and real-time control requirements. Attention should be paid to the response and judgment ability of human in control and ad hoc processing, and the establishment of a friendly interface between human and machine Christmas, and the harmony and unity of human and automatic systems are factors that cannot be underestimated in the integrated system.

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