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Processing Way of Cutting Copper With Metal Laser Cutting Machine

How to cut high-reflective materials with a laser cutting machine is an important difficulty for many manufacturers.What about the processing way of cutting copper High-reflective materials including copper, aluminum, gold, etc, were difficult materials to cut since long time ago, but are also common in daily life.


In fact, the processing of cutting high-reflective materials requires auxiliary gas to improve cutting speed. Why do they need auxiliary gas? When cutting copper with laser cutting machine, there will be reaction between auxiliary gas and material under high-temperature, which improves cutting speed. For example, we use oxygen to support combustion. Nitrogen is a auxiliary gas that improves cutting effect. For copper materials below 1mm, metal laser cutting machines are fully processable.

While using a metal laser cutting machine, you don’t need to worried about cutting off the material. You should pay attention to its cutting effect. The best choice is to use nitrogen as auxiliary gas. When the thickness reach 2mm of copper, it’s impossible to process with nitrogen only. Oxygen must be used to oxidize and only in this way can realize the effect.

To cut copper materials for better effect, the operator’s technical requirements are also very high. Only good technology plus good methods, processing copper materials can be more simple.