The Primary Products of XT Laser(III Parts)—Tony

The Primary Products of XT Laser(III)

Laser marking machine

What’s the key parts of laser marking machine? In past articles, we talked about the difference between types and models. Today we are going to talk about the main components of laser machine. To introduce it, I will use a fiber laser machines as an example.

As we all know, there are many factors to influence the operation of device. Such as the skill of worker, worker’s experience, materials, but the main parts are the most important factors.

Laser Source

The Laser Source is the most important part in fiber laser marking machine. It seems as the heart of human. We import IPG’s laser source for our machine. And we also have many supplier from China. They are Raycus, Maxphotonics, CAS, JPT, Super laser. But for XT laser, we usually use Raycus and IPG.

Galvo Head

Main brands are Sino, Century sunny and Galvotech from China, and Scanlab from Germany. Most popular ones are Sino, Century sunny and Scanlab. But Scanlab is very expensive compared with China brands. Generally Sino and Century sunny is good enough to use.

F-theta lens

Most common and stable one are wavelength from Singapore. Although it works on 100*100 and 200*200 without any issue and problem. But for 300*300, we will use carman haas to protect the light intensity.


Those three parts will affect the laser marking machine most important.

Whichever from precision or effect of products, laser source, galvo head, and F-theta will decide a machine’s ability,

Besides, Control board & marking software

Main brands are JCZ from Beijing and Samlight from Germany. JCA is more welcomed because of its lower price, stable function and easy-operation interface.

Lifting pillar

XT LASER brands from China, nice design, clean dial gauge, strong arm to support the laser path moving up and down.

Besides,2D/3D working table

3D working table can be lifted up and down. Both working table can be adjusted in small range.