Precision instruments ,plastic ,glass UV laser marking machine -June

Precision instruments ,plastic ,glass  UV laser marking machine

Precision instruments ,plastic ,glass UV laser marking machine. Brief  Introduction:

UV laser marking machine is one type of laser marking machine.

Main feature is 355nm UV laser source.

So Compared with infrared laser, UV light has very small spotlight , it can reduce the material mechanical deformation to a large extent .

also produce a little processing heat.

It is mainly used for ultra-fine marking and carving.

especially for food, pharmaceutical packaging materials, glass material , silicon Chip wafers, etc.

Precision instruments ,plastic ,glass UV laser marking machine

Working Principle Details:

The working principle of UV laser marking machine is similar with common laser marking machine.

So They just  make permanent marks on different material surface by laser beam.

also The marking effect can evaporating the surface material to expose the deep material.

Also to “mark” the trace by the chemical and physical changes of the surface material caused by the light energy.

And burn some of the surface material by light to show patterns and text.

Precision instruments ,plastic ,glass UV laser marking machine

Advantage Details:

Because of the super tiny focusing UV light spot and very small area affected by heat processing, it can used for ultra-fine marking, special material marking.

Thus, it is the preference for customers who has higher demand for marking.

In addition to copper material, UV laser is more widely used.

So First ,Better beam quality and smaller focusing spot.

Second ,Can achieve ultra-fine mark.

Third ,The scope of application is more extensive.

Fourth,Does not produce thermal effect.Will not produce material scorching problem.

Fifth , High mark speed, high efficiency.

Sixth, Stable, small size, low power consumption.

Production Line made by the machine:

UV laser marking machine is the result of latest research and development of laser processing technology.

So the traditional laser marking machine adopts thermal processing technology has a limited room for improvement in fineness.

While UV laser marking machine adopt cold working and has the least effect on the fineness and heat impact. This is a great leap in laser technology.

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