Potential business for jewelry industry of fiber laser marker-Angelina

Potential business for jewelry industry of fiber laser marker

Many suppliers may meet with customers from the jewelry industry asking for the fiber laser marker.

We could find that the fiber laser marking machine has wide application in the jewelry industry.

When we met with the jewelry industry customer, we need pay attention to it.

So what could fiber laser marking machine bring for the jewelry industry?

Let us talk about it one by one.

First of all, fiber laser marking machine could do surface marking on the rings, bracelet,etc.

fiber laser marker

Just surface marking with our fiber laser marking machine could make your jewelry more beautiful!

Secondly, it could achieve deep engraving on the gold  as well as silver.

30w & 50w fiber laser marker are also suitable for deep engraving work.

fiber laser marker

At last, some customers may have the requirements of the cutting job.

But they do not have big budget for the fiber laser cutting machine.

Fiber laser marker with IPG laser source is the most suitable for the jewelry cutting job.

Besides, there are some special equipment for the jewelry industry.

We all know that there must be high meet for the jewelry industry: keep clean, neatness.

So we design a series tools for the customer who cut the silver and gold.

1.the rotary device, mainly 50mm size is suitable for the jewelry industry.

rotary device for jewelry industry

2.The smoke exhaust: conyson brand, mainly used for absorb the smoke.

3.The clamping equipment, it is helpful for the gold clamping.

Therefore we could assure the cutting process and accuracy for the products.

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