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Popular fiber laser cleaning machine

Popular fiber laser cleaning machine.

Laser cleaning is widely in various industries, such as shipping, auto parts, rubber mould, high-end machine tool, tire mould, rail, environmental protection and other industries.


Firstly,Non-contact cleaning, without damage to parts matrix.

Secondly, Precise cleaning, with accurate location, precise size and selective cleaning.

Thirdly,No chemical cleaning fluid, no consumables, safe and environmental protection.

Fourthly,Simple operation, the power can be charged, and the automatic cleaning can be realized by hand or with the manipulator.

Fifthly,Cleaning efficiency is very high and saving time.

Finally,The laser cleaning system is stable and little maintenance requirement. 1.2 Laser cleaning application

Some notes about machine using:

  1. When the laser cleaning machine is working,Do not point the laser output head to the orientation of the person, and do not make the laser output head from illuminating the surface of the high anti-material (such as copper, aluminum, mirror stainless steel and other surface reflective materials).
  1. Wear labor protection articles as required, and wear protective glasses that meet the requirements in the vicinity of the laser beam.
  1. If the laser does not shut down normally, the next opportunity is in the alarm state, which will affect the life of the laser. Life. Check whether the laser function button switches need to reset before starting the machine.

So if you are looking for rust,paint,oil,dust,etc cleaning machine.The laser cleaning machine is more suitable for you now.

It is better to send us  your products sample pictures,then we can help you to make sure the machine can do your work or not.

And if you  have time,you can tell us how many pieces you want to clean,we need to confirm the power.

Any questions,we can have a further discussion.

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