Plate and Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Nancy

Plate and Tube fiber laser cutting machine-Nancy

Plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine-Nancy

Although many customers come to our company to buy this kind of machine, actually, there are still some customers do not know the machine details, so we keep going on this topic.

Hope that will be helpful for your decision.

Plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine

Firstly, except the main configurations we have talked previous,there are many smaller things you need to take into consideration.

In the fiber laser cutting machine market,you have known that most suppliers use the same main configurations, especially for the laser source, the cutting software, the laser cutting head.

So after the main configurations, you should know the specific machine parts. Cause the other machine parts also will have a big influence on the machine cutting stability, cutting precision, cutting speed.

So what parts you should notice?

The servo motor:

the brand name, the power, the servo motor power need to stand the machine moving with a higher moving speed.

Then, the water chiller:

Thats also the brand name, the chilling ability.

Cause the water chiller is to chill the laser source,the laser cutting head. Thats really important,if the laser source and laser cutting head are broken down,how does the machine do your work?You will waste many times to change new head or laser source. For that time,you lost your customers and your business,and your money.

Finally,the machine body:

It is also important.Cause the machine body is to stand the cutting materials,its stability depends on its frame and weight.

Usually,many CO2 laser cutting machine suppliers entered into our fiber laser cutting field.

Some of them still use the CO2 lathe bed to build the fiber laser cutting machine.One thing you need to know is the weight of co2 lathe bed just half of the professional fiber lathe bed,not stable.

And besides,some suppliers use the square tube welding lathe bed,thats okay for the smaller laser power,like 500w ,750w.

When you need the higher laser power,the square tube welding body is not good.Cause higher laser power will cut much thicker materials,the machine body weight can not stand a such weight.When you cutting,the machine body will have a stronger shake,there is no any precision.

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