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Fiber laser cutting machine have very wide application recent years, its development speed is very fast. Now nearly every field we can see its application.  Now there is three kinds main fiber laser cutting machine in the market. Plate fiber laser cutter, tube fiber laser cutting machine and plate&tube fiber laser cutter.

Plate&Tube Fiber Laser Cutter

Why Plate&Tube Fiber Laser Cutter?

Compared with plate fiber laser cutting machine and tube fiber laser cutting machine, plate and tube fiber laser cutters can cut both steel plate and tube.  So many people like this machine type, especially some people who business on laser cutting service. They need cut both tube and plate fo different product. If they buy plate fiber laser cutting machine and tube cutting machine separate. The total cost will be more double. Also we know tube fiber laser cutter will be expensive than plate cutting machine.

Although plate&tube fiber laser cutter have some disadvantage on tube cutting. It can meet most people’s cutting demand.

Plate fiber laser cutting machine is the most common laser cutting machine type now. It have mature technology on laser fields. Its price is cheap just we can only use it on plate cutting.

Tube fiber laser cutters is the most hard one on manufacturing. It need much more complex technology than other machine type, especially on the rotary chuck. XT LASER get the correct selection after so many times test. one small factor can’t finish it.

Now there is so many company sell fiber laser cutting machine, always we can find more low price in the market. So when we select supplier, we must take care on it. Firstly it mush be a real factory, not trading company.

About price, that’s better the middle one, not lowest, not highest.


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