Plastic fiber metal laser marker ways sharing – Jennifer

Ways to improve the marking speed of Plastic fiber metal laser marker?

1. Selecting the appropriate type of filling

Firstly, Bow fill: marking the highest efficiency, sometimes there convergence line, uneven problem. Marking the fine graphics, fonts. The above problems will not appear.  So bow-shaped as the first choice.
Two-way filling: marking efficiency second, the effect is good.
One-way filling: marking the slowest efficiency, the actual processing is rarely used.
Folded: only marked fine graphics, fonts will be used when the efficiency and arch fill almost.

Summary: In the case of no detail effect, the use of bow fill can improve the marking efficiency. In general, two-way filling is the best way to ensure results and efficiency.

2. Selecting the appropriate field mirror

Secondly, the larger the focal length of the field mirror, the larger the focal spot, the same spot overlap rate, can increase the filling line spacing, thereby improving the marking efficiency.

Note: The larger the field mirror, the smaller the power density, so to ensure adequate marking of the case of increasing the filling filling line spacing.

3. Choosing high-speed galvanometer

Thirdly, ordinary galvanometer, the maximum scanning speed can only reach two thousand three thousand millimeters per second; high-speed galvanometer, the maximum scanning speed can reach tens of thousands of millimeters per second, effectively improve the marking efficiency. In addition, the use of ordinary galvanometer marking small graphics or fonts, prone to deformation, you must reduce the scanning speed to ensure the effect.

4 Setting the appropriate delay

Fourth, different fill types are affected by different delays, so reducing the delay associated with the fill type can improve the marking efficiency.
In the case of
Arch fill, shape fill: mainly affected by the corner delay, you can reduce the opening delay, off the light delay, the end of the delay.
Bidirectional filling, one-way filling: mainly by the opening delay, light delay delay, can reduce the corner delay, the end of the delay.
Note: thick graphics, fonts affected by the delay is small, can be appropriate to reduce the delay. Fine graphics, fonts affected by the delay, you can increase the delay.

5. Selecting the correct laser

Fifth, the first pulse available laser, adjust the first pulse height, open light delay can be 0, for the two-way filling, one-way filling these often switch light way, can effectively improve the marking efficiency.

Finally, select the pulse width and pulse frequency independently adjustable laser, can guarantee the high scanning speed, the focus after the spot can have a certain amount of overlap, but also to ensure that the laser energy has enough peak power to reach the material damage threshold, so that material gas.