Pipe cutting part fiber laser machine: Charry

Pipe cutting part fiber laser machine

Pipe cutting part fiber laser machine.

About the pipe cutting part
1. Transmission and Reducing method
We adopt Secondary transfer and reducing method, Servo motor — Reducer — Belt — Chuck. In this way, we can keep the power, also reduce the inertia, which can guarantee the precision of pipe rotating and cutting effect.

While others to reduce cost, using direct transfer method, low reduction ratio and harms the reducer.

2.The rotary Chuck.
Totally enclsed type, pneumatic automatic clamping, the circular runout rate accuracy can be 0.03, keep the precise rotation and cutting effect.

While some others use low and cheap style, open type. the circular runout rate accuracy is only 0.5.

3.About the bed and guide rail.

For the pipe cutting part, we also use thick plate welding bed, keep it low and heavy, to make it stable while running. We have seen many, they only use squre pipe, weld them to be a frame, eh….
And inside is also square rail same as plate cutting part. While some others use round rail, there is no accuracy.

The chiller we use is custom made, exclusive chiller for fiber laser machines.

Here are the main advantages:

Components are all internationally renowned brands, so that they ensure excellent quality and good reliability;

  • High-quality stainless steel cold water circulation pump, large flow, high head, low noise and long life; stainless steel water tank, pipe and valve never rust;
  • Control system using LCD full all English computer controller, CPU automatic control, can achieve man-machine dialogue, simple operation, intuitive;
  • Provide multiple protection functions and passive alarm terminals, remote control terminals, easy to achieve centralized CNC control and monitoring;
  • The “double temperature” precision water cooler provides stable and accurate water temperature control for the laser; the best choice for laser equipment cooling machine.

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