Permanently Marking on Metal In Seconds! – Angie

Permanently marking on metal tools, hand tools, hardware parts, metal parts, instruments with your names, numbers, designs, logos or trademarks in seconds for just cents!             


Here Are Samples Of Permanently Marking on Metal.

Now All You Need to Do Is Create Your Own Design, Logo Or Trademark On YOUR Computer.

 And Then By Using A XT LASER BRAND New Laser Maker Do Permanent Marking on Metal.

XT LASER Marker Can Mark your design on Your Tools, Metal Parts Or Instruments in Seconds! 

It Is Easy, Fast, Cheap And Professional!  And Permanently Marking on Metal!

And YOU Can Do It by Yourself in Your own Shop!



Black Mark on Gear Wheel Mark Scale on Metal


White Mark on Brass Mark on Hardened Steel Tool


Video Below:
What XT LASER BRAND Can Do For You?! Permanently Marking on Metal

See How To Mark Anything on Metal And Make it Valuable!




Brief Introduction of fiber laser marking machine.

The beam of laser to form very fine, on the surface of the material, the fine line width can reach 0.1 mm, for precision machining and anti-counterfeiting initiate a broad space.Not only can play a complex text, graphics, images, pervious to light, buttons, trademark design, bar code, the qr code, the product serial number, autographs…And so on, any display of graphics and text on the screen can play on the surface of the material that specify the right away.Laser marking machine can also improve the appearance of the product image and brand effect, enhance the market competitiveness of products.

Laser marking machine marking on the material surface without force, cutting force, do not produce mechanical deformation, do not produce corrosion on the material surface, the advantages of small heat effect, to ensure the precision of the original material.Can be used for integrated circuits, resistance, capacitance, crystals, diodes, transistors and other devices.

Laser marking machine marking is a cannot erase, permanent marker, and beautiful and meticulous, through laser direct gasification on surfaces moment, without any auxiliary tools can distinguish to the naked eye, convenient for consumers to identify;Laser marking machine price is low, high work efficiency, and has no material, environmental protection and energy saving, maintenance more convenient;Improved products in the increasingly fierce market competition ability, at the same time to reduce the cycle of the product upgrading, flexible production provides a powerful tool.

Permanently Marking on Metal in Seconds!