The Parts Tips of Fiber Laser Marker Machines-Tulsa

The Parts Tips of Fiber Laser Marker Machines-Tulsa

As you see that the fiber laser marker machines market trend of automation is more and more obvious.

Because of high technical support of XT LASER, more and more XT laser machine for special applications come out.

which you can not find from the market, we want you to know that XT LASER.

That we not only provide normal laser machine to our agent ,but also high technical support.

Which normal supplier or trading company can not provide.

This is why so many distributor selected XT LASER,you can see some sample in the following link:

No.1 Method of deep engraving

About engraving depth, it need multiple layers for marking , that means there are two layers.

One layer parameter is Higher laser power, slower speed, this layer is for engraving depth.
Another layer parameter is Lower laser power, faster speed, this layer is for removing the dust.

So you can see it is white color in the photo.

No.2 part of fiber laser marker machines

  1. Raycus laser source is best quality in China market, it is most important part of machine, its quality decide machine quality, so we recommend you best one .
  2.  Ezcad software, which is newest 2.12.0 version, original version from JCZ company, it can be updatable.
    In China market, there are many copied version Ezcad software, which is old 2.7.6 version, its price is cheaper, but cannot be updatable, not stable.
  3. Galvo head, it is Sino-Glavo brand, which is best quality in market, stable quality.
    Maybe you get cheaper price from other suppliers, but we are sure their configuration is different from ours.
    Same price, XT LASER offer you higher configuration
    Same configuration, XT LASER offer you better price.


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