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Oversea exhibition in April and May

Oversea exhibition information

In 2004, XT-LASER started our business with dreams and determination. Under the planning of internationalization and new strategy of grouping, after more than ten years of development.And we achieving long-term stable development results and won full recognition from customers, partners, employees and shareholders.

Then China’s fiber laser industry has played a pivotal role in the international market and maintained a sustained, rapid and stable development.

With the development of fiber laser products such as fiber laser marking machines and fiber cutting machines, the market size of fiber laser technology products will be further expanded.

It will carry laser products to participate in international exhibitions. In April, the information of the exhibition in May is as follows:

The information of the exhibition

First,India:  BLECH INDIA 2019 (Date:2019/4/25–4/27)

Second,Australia: AUSTECH (Date:2019/5/14–5/17)

Third,Malaysia: METALTECH 2019 (Date:2019/5/15–5/18)

Fourth,South Korea: BUTECH (Date:2019/5/22–5/25)

Fifth,Russia: METALLOOBOTKA 2019 (Date:2019/5/27–5/31)

To sum up

Then, during the exhibition, XT- Laser will carry the marking machine series, cutting machine series and new pipe cutting machine, which will be exhibited at the exhibition. The times are advancing, and XT- Laser continues to innovate and create new products. Innovative design, high-end quality, to show you the laser feast.

Last, with high-end technology and skilled craftsmanship, XT- Laser demonstrates customized solutions for cutting, marking and welding in the field of laser industrial application processing. 15 years focused on casting high quality. Next, XT- Laser will sing all the way to meet the future.

With the development of China’s fiber laser industry, China will be the main force of growth. In order to better promote Chinese brands, XT-LASER will bring Chinese machines to the international market better.

Finally, the X-T laser prepared a beautiful gift for the show customers. Establish long-term and stable friendship and cooperation with all partners. We look forward to your visit, XT-LASER looks forward to meeting you.