Common operation mistake of fiber laser engraver – Alex

Fiber laser engraver is very common in all kinds of fields now. Although fiber laser engraver is very easy on operation, people can learn it very fast. Still there is many operation details not easy to learn, especially for some green hand, many small mistake may happen when they use machine.

Below is some common operation mistake, operator can avoid it well just they know it.

  • Forget take away the lens cap

There is one plastic cap under lens when we delivery machine. Many people don’t know it after receive machine, then test it directly. In this case, everything runs well but no any laser light show, even no red point. Also the laser will damage the cap and protective film of lens. So the first step is take away the cap before use machine.

  • No marking when machine running

When operator use machine, everything runs well. There is laser output, but no marking. The biggest possibility is laser head not on correct focus. We know galvo head laser machine must be on focus then it can work normally. If it is not on focus, machine only have laser light output, but no mark.

For machine operation, we must find its correct focus first. Below is operation video of how to find focus.

  • Based operation of Ezcad software

Ezcad software is common application of fiber laser engraver, its operation is easy, you can find its based operation in below video.

  • Boot order of fiber laser marking machine

Input air switch (desktop machine model have) → Twist Emergency stop button → Press laser power / scanner / red pointer button. You can find operation video about mini cabinet fiber laser marking machine as below.

Above just few common mistake when operation machine, there is many other detail need take care. if you want to know more details about operation, you can contact us and we will give your user manual.

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