Operation for laser marking machine rotary-Ivy

Operation for laser marking machine rotary

Recently,using of rotary device for fiber laser marking machine gain more popular. Operation for laser marking machine rotary.

Most of our customers, they bought the rotary device with the marking machine, to mark some circle objects,like bird tings, silver gold rings,cylinders,Yeti cup,etc.

Some customers before buying,will consider the operation of the rotary device,they are afraid of the difficulty of using .

But according to most customers feedback,thats really easy ,do not worry about that,cause we have the machine users manual and videos.

Rotary device using of fiber laser marking machine

First confirm your rotary axis has connected:

Then open software, click as the photo shows:-Rotary text Mark

rotary device using of fiber laser marking machine







Then it will show:

rotary device marking











You may adjust “Part Diameter”, the bigger of number, the smaller of word space on your product.

rotating fiber laser marking






For the rotary device using of fiber laser marking machine,there are several kinds.

According to the sizes,there usually with 50mm,80mm,100mm,200mm.

Your maximum diameter of the objects decide which size is suitable for you.

Such as the maximum diameter of your products is 40mm,so the 50mm rotary device is enough,if it is 70mm,you have to choose 80mm.

According to the function,there are also different.

Such as,some customers,especially in the field of jewelry fiber laser marking and engraving,they need to mark rings.

The following one is more suitable :







And if you need to mark cylinders,the following one is better:

rotary device of fiber laser marking








And if you also need to mark bracelets,you need the more fixture as below:

rotary device fiber laser jewelry marking







After my introduction,thats must be clear for your using,but not every company will provide you the technical support,especially for the trading company,before your buying,have to make sure everything of the machine.

If you want to know more about the rotary device using of fiber laser marking machine,just contact me: