How To Operate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-Anne

How To Operate Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber laser cutting machine

1.You need to determine material processing , the sheet metal material  put on the processing machine ,

and then determine the stability of the material is placed in order to avoid occurrence of the chattering in the cutting process , leading to the cutting accuracy is insufficient.-fiber laser cutting machine

2.Operations Console , enter the product cutting pattern and cutting parameters such as material thickness , then adjust the cutting head to the proper focus position , and then reflect on and adjust the nozzle center

  3. Start-up regulator and chillers, set the chiller water temperature and pressure

  More than four points , although very brief , but in the actual operation , but spend a lot of time to practice , to become familiar with the details of each operation .

In operation inevitably fiber laser cutting machine , there will be some failures and problems , but also give us the following summary of share

  ①Boot without any reflection:

  burn out power fuse is  : replace the fuse .Power input is normal : check the power input and make it normal .

  Whether the main power switch is damaged : Replace the main power switch.

  ②No laser or laser output is weak:

  Whether the light path Offset: carefully adjust the optical

  if the device focusing Focus Change: Re- adjust the focus.

  Whether the laser tube is wrong : replace the laser tube .so

  Laser power supply is powere on : Check the laser power supply circuit to make it normal .

  Laser power wrong: Replace the laser power .

  ③Processing dimension margin of error or operation error:so

  The signal line is working : Replace the signal line .

  Power supply is unstable or interfering signals : the installation of regulators or eliminate the interference signal .

  Correct set processing parameters  (  eg layout, etc. ) : re- set the corresponding parameters .so

  Processing programming properly : Check the programmed machining program , modify it until norm



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