How to open the fiber laser cutting market: Charry

How to open the fiber laser cutting market

How to open the fiber laser cutting market

Actually,there are too many agents are new for fiber laser cutting machine.They do not know how to open their market.

So this article is for you,to help you to be powerful.

Yesterday we finished the last years report of the whole company.
According to discussion with others,learning from our directors,presidents,i want to share some news with you.

We are thinking about how to open one local market?
For now,we think there is two ways:

Firstly,you can open one career by one career:

Just like your first customer,what is their career? metal cabinet cutting? shelves cutting? kitchenware cutting? metal doors cutting? or any others.

Then you can have a research of this career in your country,to find there are how many suppliers in this field,and how many of them have fiber laser cutting machine? how many of them need to change a new cutting machine? how many of them do not have the fiber machine? these are your potential customers.

Cause you have your languages and direction advantages,you can try to have a visiting of these customers factory,according to our experience,to have a visiting of these customers factory,and have a face to face talking,will have a fast deal.

How to open the fiber laser cutting market

Secondly,to find a powerful factory of one field to lead others:

Still take your first customer as the example.
If they are in the field of cabinet cutting,then you can find the strongest,the most powerful factory of this field,to let them have a fiber laser cutting machine,the big company always have a leading influence,others will follow their step.

You also can have a cooperation with them,to let them introduce new customers to you,they can get some commission,or your engineers can have free maintenance twice a year,etc.

So i believed that the two ways will help you to open your market,build your company image.
According to our experience,following field are urgent for fiber laser cutting machine:
Chassis cabinets, household appliances, kitchen utensils, lamps, electrical and electronic products, hardware, instruments, precision machinery, steel structure, elevator manufacturing, advertising, crafts, packaging, environmental protection equipment.
How to open the fiber laser cutting market
Additionally,you also can think of your special ways in your local place,its up to you.
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