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What should we notice when using fiber laser cutter

What should we notice when using fiber laser cutter.

What should we notice when using fiber laser cutter

Laser cutting machines have different powers, in a wide range of applications, from paper to steel. The laser cutting machine has a narrow cut, high precision, fast speed, safety and pollution-free. Laser cutting machines also support computer-aided design (CAD) files that seamlessly interface with computer design. Because of the above advantages, laser cutting machines are popular in both industrial processing and maker sports.

When using a laser cutter, laser laser injection may cause the following accidents.

(1) A laser fires a flammable substance and causes a fire.We know that the power of the laser generator is very high, especially in the case of high-power laser cutting machines, and the laser temperature is very high. The possibility of a fire when the laser emit from a flammable object is very high.

(2) Harmful gases may be generated while the machine is running. For example, when cutting with oxygen, it chemically reacts with the cutting material to generate impurities such as unknown chemicals or fine particles. After being absorbed by the body, it may cause an allergic reaction or cause discomfort in the respiratory tract such as the lungs. Take precautions when doing work.

(3) Direct laser exposure to the human body can be harmful to the human body. Laser damage to the human body mainly includes damage to the eyes and the skin. In the damage of the laser, one body has the most serious damage to the eyes. And the damage to the eyes is permanent. Therefore, be sure to protect your eyes when doing your homework.

Therefore, the environment in which the cutting is carried out should be such that the flammable objects are not allowed to be close to the machine and kept ventilated, and the workplace should also be equipped with a fire extinguisher. Staff should take self-protection measures when doing work.

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