Normal air costs of a laser cutting machine – Nora

Normal air costs of a laser cutting machine – Nora


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Above all, with a laser cutting machine, we have to use the gas like O2, N2 and air to help the machine do the normal work. However, how about the cost of the machine? Let’s see together in this passage. Firstly, we will see the table to check the data. Secondly, we will explain to you normal air costs of a laser cutting machine.

In fact, we usually use O2 to cut cs, and N2 to cut ss, alu, and brass etc.

Gernerally speaking, a bottle of O2 or N2 is 40L. So the speed of the air costing can be a reference for you.

What’s more, there is a table in which you can see the costs of the air for cutting cc and ss.

Material Thickness Speed
Carbon steel 1mm 40L/40mins
Carbon steel 2mm 40L/50mins
Carbon steel 3mm 40L/60mins
Carbon steel 4mm 40L/70mins
Carbon steel 5mm 40L/80mins
Carbon steel 6mm 40L/90mins
Stainless steel 0.5-0.8mm 40L/30mins
Stainless steel 1mm 40L/30mins
Stainless steel 2mm 40L/30mins

Firstly, for carbon steel

The thicker the plate, the less O2 it needs. If you use a high press of Oxygen to cut a thick plate, the plate will burn.

Secondly, for stainless steel

The thicker the plate, the more N2 it needs. For exemple, if you cut 1mm ss, you will need 10kg Nitrogen; if you cut 4mm ss, you will need 20kg Nitrogen.

However, for maintain the high speed of cutting thin plates like 1mm, we suggest that our customers adjust the press of the air to the same level like 20kg Nitrogen. Therefore, you will always get a high efficiency of cutting.

In conclusion, Oxygen and Nitrogen are the two gas that we costs most in cutting. Therefore, it will be better for you to learn about the gas price and volume in your region in advance. After all, we hope this passage can help you learn more about the machine. Moreover, if you have more questions, you can contact us at any time.

Normal air costs of a laser cutting machine – Nora