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Solution for large area marking requirements

Are you bothered by the small marking size of fiber laser marking machine? Have you ever imagined large area marking lasser machine can mark any size as

we hope? today i am introducing you the solution for it.


First, let us go start from the working principle of fiber laser marking machine.


The laser marking is with a laser beam to get permanent marks on a variety of different material surfaces.

The effect of marking is to expose the deep matter by the evaporation of the surface material,

or to “mark” the trace by the chemical and physical reactions of the surface material caused by the laser energy,

or to burn some of the material by laser energy, light to achieve the needed patterns and text.


After getting knowledge of the principle, below are the real models of fiber laser marking machine, also called 2D laser marking machine,

those models are the most popular in the market.  


Although laser marking machine is popular, the maximum marking area is 300*300mm. That is really limited.

But for bigger marking area, like 400*500mm, 600*500mm etc, 2D fiber laser marking machine can not meet.

Based on this, 3D laser marking machine and variation of 2D laser marking machine are born. Their appearance

solved the large scale marking problem. Now let me introduce you more about them.


  1. 3D fiber laser marking machine.

It is also know as dynamic fiber laser marking machine. the difference between 2D and 3D laser is extra motor installed in 3D laser head.

This motor could control Z-axis for automatically moving by system. then the marking area could reach any size as we like, in theory.

But the bigger marking size surely needs big power. Considering the cost, normally marking size is within 1m*1m.

Machine photos are shown below:





2. Variation of 2D laser marking machine.

Actually it is the combination of sliding table and 2D fiber laser marking machine.  It is to split the whole mark into parts. through moving table, it achieve the marking purpose of whole pattern. See photo:







This design could solve the large marking problem to some extent, but not totally because of the gap between the splitting patterns. Although engineers are devoting to reducing or erasing the gap, it might need more time.  So for very precision marking with large area, 3D is the first option.


As laser technology develops, there are other variations for large area marking.

a. moving head with large fixed bed.



b. 3D fiber laser marking machine with sliding table.


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