New design fiber laser cutter in the Exhibition-Angelina

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New design fiber laser cutter in the Exhibition

More and more people join in the fiber laser cutter machine industry in recent years.

For this group, there are fiber laser cutter manufacturer, or some trading company.

Nearly for those machine, a large sum of parts are the same.

For example, the laser source, cutting head,rack and pinion,etc.

The main difference lies in the machine bed and machine appearance.

Besides, some foreign customers pay more attention to the machine beauty.

They may have some special requirements to the machine color , design and other things.

1.The new design of fiber laser cutter

To follow up the market development and meet different requirements of customer from different countries,

our company design a series new machine.

These machines are not only high quality, but beautiful appearance .

Here are some photos:

linear motor fiber laser cutting machinepipe fiber laser cutter

This machine are all fiber laser cutter, newly design machine.

The basic color is grey and white, suitable for most customer demands.

These machines will be brought to the Shanghai industry expo.

If u are interested in our machine, welcome to visit our booth: NH-B018

2.The service we provide

We offer 2 years warranty for the customer.

During the period, any problem happen, we are responsible to solve.

And if any part of the machine was broken, which happens rarely, we would send you a new one by DHL.

And all cost is all on us.

1: We have seperated after-sale service departement on line, and almost 95% problems from our clients can be solved here.

2: We take part in almost all industrial exhibitions around the world,.

During this time, we will pay a visit to our registered clients for free inspection and maintenance.

3: Our engineers are available to work overseas anytime and the after-sales training should be free.

In a word, the XT company could not only provide u the high quality machine, but the sweet service.

If u are interested in these machine, contact with me now:





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