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New Design Details of XT Fiber Laser Cutter Machinery

Because of technology strengthen and customer feedback request, we always improve our machine details after a period times later.

We have a good feedback team and systerm so that we can feedback questions to our company every week.


Let us introduce the new details changed of fiber laser cutter machinery in this time.

1. Working light

As we all known, fiber laser cutter machinery is always high power laser.

Especially many machine is open kind. So safe is the most important question for fiber laser cutting machine.

So we add working light on our machine control desk.

The light is green when machine working well, light is yellow when machine open but not working.

Light is red when that machine can not work or have other troubles.

According to the light color you can judge that if it can work well.

2.Water cooling

Water cooling is an important part of fiber laser cutting machine.

As you know, laser head temperature will be very high when it cutting.

If no machine or equipment to help laser head reduce temperature, laser head will damage.

Our water coolong machine have no filter, and reduce a specification on the machine body.

So that it lose a wear parts and much easy to use.

Even if you never learn how to use that machine, you can control it perfect.


Every monday, we will have a meeting and our managers have a meeting to.

They check questions and solutions with our boss, then tell us how to do.

So that we will have a good systerm to improve ourselves, whatever products or our sales ability.

So we can improve more and more fast at fiber laser cutter machinery industry.


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