Nesting software for fiber laser cutting machine:Charry

Nesting software for fiber laser cutting machine

Nesting software for fiber laser cutting machine.

As we all know, in the machinery manufacturing industry, material utilization has a natural enemy – surplus material. This is something that all manufacturers are hating.

Why, because the surplus material is not good for reuse, it has to pay a lot of management fees when it stay in the warehouse. Some company’s cutting group has accumulated more than tens of tons of surplus materials, and the backlog of raw materials directly leads to difficulties in the company’s capital turnover. There are more surplus materials, and the material utilization rate is definitely low, which will definitely lower the company’s product cost and lower the profit rate.

There are many reasons for the residual materials. The main reasons include:

1the unreasonable purchase of sheet, which leads to the failure of the parts and the remaining side.

2 The machine operator has insufficient budgeting capacity for the steel plate, and the improper arrangement causes the steel plate to remain.

3 The accumulated margin material is not clean for a long time and stay underneath. Once we need to cut the small steel plate,can not find small steel plate. It can only be cut from the large steel plate, thus forming the margin material. Also, the more the surplus material. Waste a lot of resources in the enterprise.

So the Cypnest software will help customers to do this work.

Can save the materials,cost,time,also can calculate the quantity,weight,etc.

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