You need one fiber laser metal cutting machine:Charry

You need one fiber laser metal cutting machine

You need one fiber laser metal cutting machine.


Today one of our Vietnam customer come to our website,and ask about the price of 500w and 1000w.

Firstly,we always need to know customers cutting thickness and materials.

They said they need to cut 6mm carbon steel,so i told them 500w is enough.

So why they want to have a 1000w machine?

Cause they need a higher cutting speed,if the same thickness of material,the higher laser power,the cutting speed is faster.

So i show them two videos of 6mm carbon steel cutting.One is 500w,one is 1000w.Of course,they prefer to choose 1000w.

Fiber laser cutting machine less points of failure, easy maintenance, fast, so when cutting within 4mm thin fiber cutting machine plate has a great advantage, but by the solid laser wavelength, it is poor quality when cutting thick plate.
Fiber laser cutting machine wavelength of 1064nm, not easily absorbed by non-metallic, it can not cut non-metallic materials.
Optical fiber laser conversion rate as high as 25%, in the electricity consumption, cooling system and other aspects of the advantages of fiber laser is quite obvious.

According to the international safety standards, the laser hazard level is divided into 4 levels. Due to the short wavelength, the fiber laser is harmful to the human body due to large eyes, which is the most harmful level. For safety reasons, the fiber laser processing needs a totally enclosed environment.
The main advantages: high photoelectric conversion rate, less power consumption, can cut stainless steel plate within 12MM, carbon steel, is the fastest cutting machine in the three cutting machine laser cutting machine, small slit, good spot quality, can be used for fine Cutting.

When you need the fiber laser cutting machine,do not know which one is suitable for you,just contact us: