What do you need to know about fiber laser machine-Claudia

What do you need to know about fiber laser machine

What you need to know about fiber laser machine

1.Which payment options do you accept other than bank tranfers? 

Yes,of course,you can use Credit card to pay,its more convenient for you.

I think that you have Master card,right?then we can pay from our Alibaba trade assurance platform.
This platform also can protect your benefit,if we do not follow our permission.

2.In the event a part of the machine breaks, what are the steps I need to take to get it repaired or replaced? Do I need to send the machine back to you?

Firstly,for the fiber laser marking machine,its an easy machine,there is not any spare parts.
And we have 2 years warranty,if there is any parts break down(because of the quality problem),we will help you to change a new one,we pay the shipping cost,and engineer will support you how to change it by phone call,video call,or remote control.

3.Is a fume extractor needed to operate this machine in a closed enviroment? I have never used a laser marker before, so I would like to know if the marking process creates dangerous fumes.

Actually,if for fiber laser marker,its mainly for metal marking,there is a little smoke,almost no smoke,do not worry.

If you really worry about the fumes,we also provide customers the smoke exhaust:

Its USD500

This equipment will purify the smoke by inside circulation.Then there is no any smoke.

What do you need to know about fiber laser machine

4.What other accessories do you offer for this machine, that would be helpful to me?

We provide the protective eye glasses,that will help you to protect your eyes after a long time using.

Dimmer piece,that will help you to adjust the laser path,and when you think the laser is not stable,that will help you to check out the problem,engineers usually need it to support you when your machine need to check.

5.If the laser source or some other part fails after the warranty, what would the cost of the individual parts be to replace them?

For the fiber laser marking machine,the main parts are laser source,scanner head,control board.
So if after the warranty,you need to change the laser source,for 20w laser source,is USD2200,the scanner head is USD450,the control board is USD400.

So after your checking,you can share some of your ideas.

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