what is the necessary jewelry laser machine spare parts?-Jill

what is the necessary jewelry laser machine spare parts?

We have many jewelry customers.They choose 30w or 50w to mark,engrave and cut gold and silver jewelry.Here we introduce the 50w fiber laser marking machine for jewelry.


What’s application does can do by xt laser 50W fiber laser marking machine?

1) Cutting gold silver brass copper sheet to make jewelry products.

2) Deep engrave on carbon steel ,brass copper.aluminum


What is max thickness can cut or deep engrave by 50W fiber laser machine ?

1)The gold silver and brass material cutting range from 0.1 to 1mm.

the cutting time depend on cutting patterns and cutting size.

different cutting size spend different time.

Most our customers cut 0.5mm 0.7mm 0.8mm and 1mm gold silver brass material for jewelry.

The cutting size range from 30mm to 100mm.


2)Aluminum ,stainless steel ,carbon steel for deep engrave from 0.5mm to 1.5mm .by 50W fiber laser machine.


necessary jewelry laser machine spare parts

1)Firstly,65 mm Rotary axis for ring and bracelet marking

2)Secondly,Fixture table to fix gold sheet
Video: https://youtu.be/pn2FPnjvShI

3)Thirdly,Smoke exhauster to purify and filter the smoke
Video: https://youtu.be/BvZnnFoEsmQ

Machine model suggest

For jewelry customer,there are two popular model.mini open-type and mini-enclosed type.

Here is the mini open model

Here is the mini enclosed model

This is mini or enclosed type fiber laser marking machine.

the laser power depend on your requirement.

How to choose from 20w 30w 50w?

Normally,If you just marking something on metal only.and working area within 110x110mm.

that 20 watts laser machine can meet your demand.

30 watts can deep engrave on metal. for example,0.2mm 0.3mm deep engrave.

50 watts can cut and deep enrgave 0.1mm to 1mm on metal.


More questions just let us know.
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