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MOPA laser marking machine for metal

Metal products have a widly using in our lives. Like kitchenware, vehicle, also phone we use etc. During these metal products prodcucing laser machines have a wide using. As we know fiber laser marking machine can mark on metal, but usually it only can mark black or white on metal. If you want mark color on metal, how to do?


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MOPA laser marking machine for marking color on stainless steel

MOPA laser marking machine has a widly market recently. With the application of laser technology, Jinan XT LASER company uses MOPA laser marking color on stainless steel. This application has gradually entered the people’s vision. Now sharing the information of MOPA laser marking color on Stainless steel with you.

Color marking with MOPA laser marking machine

MOPA laser has a advantage then fiber laser source. Its pulse width and frequency are independently adjustable. So when adjust one of them does not affect other laser parameters. In MOPA laser marking operation, pulse width, frequency, power, speed, delay parameters, etc. These factors will affect the color effect. The impact of these parameters will make the color changing difference, but it is interrelated, mutual influence.


Power of MOPA laser marking machine

Power is the most important and intuitive control variable.  Which affect laser single pulse output. When marking color on stainless steel, the frequency of the impact of color changes more abundant. When put frequency and power together, there will be such a law: in the case of dense filling distance, medium pulse width and high frequency are increased. So MOPA laser marking machine for marking color on stainless steel shows a very regular change in characteristics, which comes from yellow, red, blue and green. then green slowly becomes darker.

Pulse width and frequency of MOPA laser marking machine

Pulse width and frequency are two characteristics of MOPA lasers, they are independence and both of them are adjustable. These two parameters in stainless steel color marking are also the most unique two parameters. With the mutual cooperation between them, they will bring up a colorful world.

Sharing a video of MOPA laser marking with you:

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