Mopa laser marker use from XT Laser-Sara

Mopa laser marker use

First introdue the main components. Next is mopa laser marker use.

  1. Laser source.  JPT Mopa laser source and Raycus mopa laser source.
  2. The galvo head.  We have Sino galvo head and XT LASER galvo head.
  3. The f-theta lens. We have XT laser customized lens, 50mm, 70mm,100mm,150mm, 175mm.
  4. Lifting pillar.we have 500mm and 800mm. And 500mm can be used in both open and enclosed model. 800mm is main use in open model.
  5. The computer. We have Lenovo laptop and Industry computer. Laptop is for portable model. Industrial computer is for desktop model.
  6. The control software. We use EZcad control software.

Mopa laser marker use sample share:

What mopa laser can do? It can work as normal fiber laser. Besides, it can also mark colors on SS.  Mark black on Anodized aluminum.

Like your iphone case. you can use mopa mark logo on it.

mopa laser marking machine