Mopa laser detail information -Sara

Mopa laser detail information

Mopa laser and fiber laser difference

Do you know about mopa laser? Now introduce Mopa laser detail information.

Mopa laser is also a kind of fiber laser. Because the same wavelength 1064nm.

But Mopa is always expensive than fiber. Do you know why? Here to explain briefly.

First, mopa has different parameter with fiber. They also have different laser way.

Fiber laser has a Q -switch to control. Mopa doesn’t have this switch. The laser of mopa is directly.

So always there is a delay of fiber laser work. The first laser of fiber is not useful.

Mopa laser -Main application

Mopa has great function as fiber. And can do some work fiber cann’t do. Like mark colors on SS.

And mark black on Anodized aluminum. Besides this, mopa can do all work fiber can do.

Also like engrave work. Mopa also has the advantage. As it has bigger single pulse energy.

Can saves more time when engrave for depth.

mopa laser marking machine