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In recent years, domestic fiber laser marking technology has been developing rapidly. 3C products, machinery, food, packaging etc., you are able to find laser application. Compared to the traditional marking or printing technology, materials will get lost or the marks can not leave permanent. In order to get a more beautiful mark and efficient processing, people are looking for different lasers for comparison.
Currently on the market, the pulse fiber laser includes Q-switched technology and MOPA technology. Q-switched lasers were introduced into the country earlier, so now it has covered a large processing market. But MOPA lasers are gradually developing in recent years. As a new technology, there must be some differences between MOPA lasers and Q-switched lasers. In the following articles, we are going to talk about this.

Comparison of Marking Application between MOPA Laser and Q – switched.

1. Surface stripping application on Alumina sheet
Now the electronic products are getting thinner and tinner. Many mobile phones, pads, computers are taking thin aluminum oxide as their shell. If we use Q-switched laser, it will easily lead to material deformation, “convex package” on the back. There will be a direct impact on the appearance’s aesthetic.

MOPA laser with smaller pulse width parameters, is able to keep the make the material condition, and the shading will be more delicate white. This is because the smaller pulse-width MOPA laser is able to stay in the material for a shorter time, and there is enough energy to remove the anode layer. So for stripping thin aluminum oxide sheet, MOPA  laser is a better choice. Here is a picture of it:

2. Anodized aluminum application
Laser application in the last two years has been used more and more widely in electronic producsts, such as Apple, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Meizu and other manufacturers. They all need to make black trademarks, LOGO or model on the products shell. For such applications, only MOPA lasers are currently available for processing. As the MOPA laser has a wide range of pulse width and pulse frequency adjustment, with narrow pulse width and high frequency parameters, it is able to mark black effect on the surface of the material. It is also able to play a different gray scale effect through different combinations of parameters. Here is some picture:

Here are some videos of MOPA laser marking machine:

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