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In last article, we have noted the differences between Q-switch laser and MOPA laser, today we will continue:

Comparison of Marking Application between MOPA Laser and Q – switched.

3. Electronics, semiconductors, ITO hi-precision machining applications

In electronics, semiconductors, ITO and other hi-precision machining, fine crossed line application will be used a lot. Q-switched lasers, in case of its own structure, can not adjust the pulse width parameters. So the crossed line is difficult to do fine. But MOPA laser can flexibly adjust the pulse width, frequency parameters. It is not only able to make fine lines, but also smooth edge appears.

4: Colorful marking on Stainless steel

It is said that the pulse width and frequency are the characteristics of MOPA lasers. And they are independent of each other. Moreover, these two parameters are also the most important parameters in color marking on stainless steel.  By cooperating with each other, there will be a colorful world.

Talking about the width and frequency of lasers, we must relate to machine power.

Speaking of power, it must be familiar. It is able to affect the laser single pulse. After testing, we found frequency will play important part in color marking on stainless steel. It will bring more abundant color with its changes.  If we put frequency and power together, there will be the following rules under certain conditions :

Dense filling distance, medium pulse width, high frequency (filling distance <0.005mm; pulse width 45ns-100ns; frequency ≥ 300kHZ) and power increading gradually, the color shown on stainless steel exhibits a very regular change: yellow, red, blue, green until the green slowly becomes darker. Just as the following picture:








Frequency ( from left to right: 25%,30%,35%,40%,45%,50%,55%,60%,65%)

It is really amazing to change serveral parameters, you will find a different color. So for some clients, they say MOPA laser marking machine is just like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

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