Mopa color marking machine export-XT Laser Wendy

Mopa color marking machine export-XT Laser Wendy

>Color marking technical requirements:

1). 20W Mopa color marking machine. Then it can adapt to the complex work environment. And really free maintenance.

2). The use life of the laser can up to 100000 hours.

3). According to the characteristic of products. Then we can design special fixtures.

4). With high-quality scanning galvanometer. Then greatly improving mark speed

5). Mark with the feature of clear and beautiful. Then qr code or planar bar code clear and easy to be scanning.


>>The features of color marking equipment

1. The real beauty of our M-Series is not only the fact that they produce excellent marking quality. Then they are basically maintenance-free.

2. This technology doesn’t require external chiller units. Then lamp changes, and many of the other somewhat tedious upkeep procedures. Then other systems do. Simple periodic filter changes. Then basic cleaning techniques will keep your laser running optimally for a very long time.

3. F-Series laser systems also have the benefit of a very long lifespan. Then fiber technology in general is rated for 100,000 hours before needing any replacements.

4. Also, our fiber systems are not only cheaper to maintain. Then are typically less expensive than many of our other systems.

5. This makes for a better entry-level solution that many of our customers can appreciate. These are a popular choice. Not only for heavy industrial applications. But also for smaller job shops as well. Then fiber laser marking machine can make color on SS,hot selling in the market.

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