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Laser welding machine

Laser welding machine is wide application on metal welding fields. Its running cost is low and welding surface is smooth compared with traditional welding solution. Also laser welding no need use filling. This is why laser welding become more and more popular. Different with other laser machine like fiber laser marking machine and fiber laser cutting machine. Different application need use different machine type, such as jewelry laser welding machine, adwords laser welding machine, mold laser welding machine etc.

Jewelry laser welding machine

Jewelry laser welder is the most common and cheap one. Most jewelry manufacturer have it. they can use it weld rings, bracelet and repair such jewelry. Also it is very cheap and most suppliers do similar model.

Mold laser welding machine

Mold laser welding machine, its main application is mold repairing. This machine is open type and have moving table, also we can use it weld many small size steel parts. Recently we design new type mold laser welder, it is electric control laser welding machine.

 Above machine is very popular and have many advantage then any other machine type.

  • CCD camera obseravation system. We can see the welding point on minitor directly, no need see it through microscope.
  • Electric 2D table and rotary table. We can control table moving and rotating by button, no need any CNC system. In this case it can replace automatic laser welding machine in many work, but its price is much more lower.

Actually electric laser welding machine is simple version automatic laser welding machine.

Handheld laser welding machine

Handheld laser welder means it have handheld laser head, its very convenient when weld some irregular shape parts and big product, like door, cabinet etc. Also is is easy to move and can use in complex environment.

Except above type laser welder, also there is many other type laser welding machine, all of them have special application in different fields. But all of them is YAG laser type, the max power not more than 600w. So their welding ability is limited.

Recent years, more and more people need high power laser welding machine for thick steel welding. So fiber laser welding machine become more and more popular. Now its price is very high and application is not wide as price problem. In follow year, it will be new development direction of laser welding machine.

jewelry laser welding machine

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