Methods of maintaining cutting quality of cutting machine 2 -Vincy

Methods of maintaining cutting quality of cutting machine 2 -Vincy

In my last post I shared with you two methods of maintaining cutting quality of cutting machine 2. Now let’s move on to the rest of the methods.

3. Influence of auxiliary gas pressure on cutting quality

In general, auxiliary gas is require for material cutting. And the problem mainly involves the type and pressure of the auxiliary gas.

Typically, the auxiliary gas is coaxially with the laser beam.

Protecting the lens from contamination and blowing away the slag at the bottom of the cutting zone.
For most metal laser cutting, reactive gas (as long as O2) is used to form an oxidative exothermic reaction with the hot metal. This additional heat can increase the cutting speed by 1/3 to 1/2.
Gas pressure is an extremely important factor in ensuring an auxiliary gas.
Laser cutting practice shows that when the assist gas is oxygen. Its purity has a significant impact on the quality of the cut.

A 2% reduction in oxygen purity reduces the cutting speed by 50% and results in significantly worse cut quality.

4. The effect of laser output power on cutting quality

For a continuous wave output laser, the laser power size and mode will have an important impact on the cutting.

In actual operation, it is often necessary to set a larger power to obtain a higher cutting speed. Or to cut a thicker material. However, the beam mode is sometimes more important.

And the mode often varies slightly when the output power is increasing.

It is often found that at lower focus than in high power conditions,and it can obtain higher power densities and better cut quality.

The modes are not consistent during the entire effective working life of the laser.

The condition of the optics, subtle changes in the laser working mixture, and flow fluctuations all affect the mode mechanism.


In summary, although the factors affecting laser cutting are more complicated. The cutting speed, focus position, assist gas pressure and laser power and mode structure are four important variables.


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