Metal tube fiber laser cutting: Charry

Metal tube fiber laser cutting

Metal tube fiber laser cutting

More and more customers want a tube fiber laser cutting machine.But they do not know the details.Hope the following questions will help you.

For your requirements,firstly,if possible,i want to confirm as below:

1.For round tube,the diameter range is ?
2.For rectangle tube,the two side length are?
3.For Square tube,the side length is?
4.For carbon steel,the maximum cutting thickness is?
5.For stainless steel,the maximum cutting thickness is?
6.For aluminum,the maximum cutting thickness is?
7.For the tube length,the longest is 6 meters?

One of our Germany customer got their tube cutting machine this month,and engineer just finished the machine training in their factory:

Metal tube fiber laser cutting Metal tube fiber laser cutting

Sharing some tube cutting videos by our machine:

And following with some cutting samples by testing department:

Metal tube fiber laser cutting Metal tube fiber laser cutting

So after your confirmation,i will offer you the suitable solution.

1.For tube size,we need use the 20-215mm size.(whatever the 20-165mm,or 20-215mm,the cost is not so big,you do not worry about this part)

2.For laser power,for 4mm stainless steel,9mm carbon steel,3mm aluminum,its better to choose 1500w.

Actually 1000w can cut 4mm stainless steel and 3mm aluminum,but its for metal plate cutting,and its the maximum limit cutting,engineers do not recommend the limit cutting,its not good for machine bed and laser source.Will shorten the life time of the whole machine.

And for tube cutting,the thickness is little larger than plate,so 1000w just can cut 3.5mm stainless steel tube,2.5mm aluminum tube.

So 1500w is suitable solution.

3.For tube cutting machine,there is 6meters model,no 9 meters model.
I asked about our engineers for 9m model for you,engineers said they can redesign it,its no problem,but the cost is higher than the usual model,and longer producing time.The most important is that,9m model is our first to design,we can not make sure it will be perfect,cause for 6m tube model,we use one year to design and update it,until the third set,its great.

If you want to know more details,just contact me as below:
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