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Metal pipe fiber laser cutting machine -tube cutting

Recently, many customers asked about pipe fiber laser cutting machine. Most customers have such a demand,also know there are many pipe fiber laser cutting machine in the market, but do not details of the cutting machine.

So, how could you choose the suitable pipe fiber laser cutting machine for your own cutting needs?

tube and plate fiber laser metal cutting

Pipe fiber laser cutting machine choosing:

• First of all, you have to confirm the size of the tube. Its length, maximum diameter, thickness,also materials.

Which all affect the choice of pipe cutting machine.

At present, in the pipe fiber laser cutting machine market, the length of the pipe cutting machine is divided into three kinds, 3 meters, 6 meters, 10 meters.

tube fixture


• The maximum clamping diameter of the tube is two kinds, 160 mm and 200 mm, if your product diameter is less than 160 mm, then select the 160 models, if between 160 and 200, then select 200, of course, there are many customers of the product diameter is more than 200, which requires a customized rotary disc according to the specific sizes of customers products.


rotary disc

• The thickness and materials of the product is the same as the metal plate fiber laser cutting machine, different laser power corresponds to the different cutting thickness,different materials.

If the thickness of your pipe is stainless steel,and thickness is under 3mm ,the 500w is enough for you,but its the limit cutting ability of 500w,if you need a higher cutting speed,we recommend you to choose 750w.

Therefore, in the choice of the appropriate machine, there must be a clear inquiry request, the above four points accurately described.Then the suppliers can know about your needs and make best solution.

Our engineers just back from one customers factory for a machine installation and training,sharing the video with you:

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