metal mark fiber laser marking machine-Sara

Metal mark fiber laser marking machine

Metal mark fiber laser marking machine-power

We ususally use to mark stainless steel. Like the ss nameplate, alminum plate.

Usually 20w fiber laser is enough for surface mark. 30w fiber laser is ok for engraving depth.

We have 100mm,200mm,300mm mark area for you. If you need mark 300mm. Then you need 30w to support.

Metal mark fiber laser marking machine-pillar

How to choose pillar for metal fiber laser mark ? If you need engrave for depth. Then you need choose 100mm lens.

Because same power laser source. If it is larger work area. Then the  light is weaker to work.

For 100mm work lens. we can use 500mm manual lifting pillar.

But iff you choose 200mm lens. Then you need confirm you product height. then choose pillar height.

But for 300mm lens. And You must choose 800mm pillar.