Metal Laser Marking Machine for Tanabata Festival – Alex

Tanabata Festival is Chinese Valentine’s Day. Everyone will present the best present to his/her wife/husband. May be some gift is expensive, may be some gift is cheaper, but the most important is the unique thought, not cost. Metal Laser Marking Machine will help you finish it.

Tanabata Festival come from one old Chinese fairy tales. One fairy loved one cowherd, but the fairy’s father Jade Emperor(such as Zeus) don’t accept him. And he forbid the fairy see the cowherd again. In the end, the fairy’s mother don’t have the heart to see her daughter cry every day. So she allow them see each other one time at 7th, july(lunar calendar) every year.

Metal Laser Marking Machine

In this special day, if we can present one customized gift for him/her. It will be the best gift no matter it is cheap or expensive. So what we can do with Metal Laser Marking Machine?

  • Bague pendentif

With metal laser marking machine, we can cut each other’s name with silver and gold. Also we can cut many beautiful patterns. no matter you go, he/she will together with you.

  • Pendant

Usually we will carry many small decorations, such as key chains, necklace etc. we can engrave photos on the surface, and keep the best memory.

Everyone will put the best photo on the bedside or office table.


If you want to give your sweetheart one customized gift and best memory in each day, do the best gift to him by yourself with metal laser marking machine.